Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fossils of the World's Largest Snake - TITANOBOA

How do paleontologists study fossils? What can fossils tell us about earth's past climates? What went into the creation of the Smithsonian Channel's documentary Titanoboa: Monster Snake? Titanoboa is the world's largest snake, it would have been 48 feet long and would weigh 2,500 pounds. Dr. Jason Head, Vertebrate Paleontologist, shares his experience in studying Titanoboa's fossils and what these fossils can tell us. The fossils are clues to scientists who can use them to reconstruct earth's history.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Science Education Outreach -- How is it done?

What all goes into the educational exhibits at museums? What are some innovative ways science is being presented through media? Dr. Judy Diamond, Professor and Curator for Informal Science Education, shows how a wide audience can engage in science through educational projects. One of these projects is called "World of Viruses." "World of Viruses" includes Soundprint radio documentaries, Carl Zimmer's "Planet of Viruses," an iPad app, an interactive website and a graphic novel called "World of Viruses."